Hello world!

Eiffel Tower post card

Ooh well isn’t this a little bit exciting…

So after months of deliberating I have finally got myself into gear and set up this little baby! Having spent the last couple of years leaving London on a jet plane and swanning off to many exotic places (yes I am a lucky little madam) I thought it best to document my adventures on the world wide web for all to see.

Just to give you a little bit about me… My absolute favourite pastime is to relax on a beautiful beach with a refreshing cucumber-infused Hendricks and tonic and immerse myself in a good book. Failing that, I’m a sucker for a good snowboard trip. Sometimes plummeting down an icy mountain is remarkably more appealing than a relaxing stroll along the sand. And of course taking in the breathtaking views of the stunning Alps is absolutely mind-blowing.

When I’m not dreaming of running off to sunny beaches or snowy mountains, I can be often found cavorting at festivals, hosting wine-fuelled dinner soireés and generally embarrassing myself ever-so-slightly at any given opportunity. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just no fun to take yourself too seriously, so I’ve learnt to whole-heartedly embrace my slightly goofy personality and pass it off as endearing. Or so I tell myself anyhoo.

I love nothing more than being wined and dined, taken out to fancy restaurants (or being flown to one) and over indulging in some good old gourmet grub. Sampling the latest restaurant menu is the best way to get inspiration for your own cooking, and I love to recreate my own versions of classic dishes. If not to impress friends and the boy, to spice up the weekly food routine and encourage some creativity in the kitchen.

So to briefly sum up, not only do you get to swot up on my latest travel tales, I will also indulge you in a collection of restaurant and hotel reviews, together with some delicious homemade marvels to tantalise those taste buds. Happy reading! x

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